Change inspires excitement. Especially when one was hoping for a change.

Change is so damn good when bad things look like they might finally loosen their grip and give way like some damn dam that a patient river never did want to put up with.

But not all changes require being sought or hard won. Some change happens every day, whether it is wanted or not.

I lose a dollar and gain some coins and a coffee in return. I grow a little older. The clock keeps moving.

Soon pennies will become obsolete. Even spare change will change.

I give cashiers exact change, but sadly. Pennies are pretty. Only pennies have the bold, good sense to be copper when all the other coins are a plain, utilitarian gray.


There is no longer such a thing as penny candy: a whole bag full of candy that can be bought with one shiny, happy orange coin.


Change is a force. Whether hard-won, wanted, or unwanted, it comes. From time, or work, or money, or sweat, or prayer, or hope, it comes. And change never seems to grow tired.

May the change be with you.

Laura Hartmark is a writer and is glad you took the time to read this blog.

~ by lhdwriter on April 5, 2014.

One Response to “Change”

  1. I think there is no life without change. By its nature life produces change. Embrace change, embrace life! Keep on writing and changing the world 🙂

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