Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down Great Grape Jam

Time to make urban-foraged wild grape raspberry mint jelly. Gladly, I brought a big tea-cup with me to the park to watch the kids play. Instead of playing, they went-a-foraging, and now we have jelly.


I put the raspberries and mint to the side. Everyone knows that raspberries and mint are indiscriminately easy. They can be thrown on top of anyone or anything and find joy. It is the sour grapes I wanted to rout out, to find out what they could do.

So from the wild grapes I made, after all, a sort of smushed smush. It looks the color of coagulated blood, and smears with a butterknife the consistency of wet sand. The taste is deep and sad and smoky. It is sour and sweet and spicy. It is deep as going down a mineshaft’s elevator. Iron-y, almost. I can’t think what it tastes like, but a sort of dark blood-colored autumn. I put raw sugar into a bowl. I picked off only the blue-purple wild grapes and left the light green ones on the stem.


When every blue-purple wild grape had fallen on the slopes of sugar grains, I began to smush them into the sugar. Then I added powdered cloves (not too much), powdered ginger (not too much) and powdered cinnamon (really a lot). I boiled some water and splashed just a splash of scalding water into the sugar-spice-grape smush. I continued to smush, smush, everything down. I added 4 packets of plain gelatin and smushed everything down and around again. Then I put the bowl in the refrigerator to get cool. Now it smears like apple butter on bread. It is congealed as gelatinous things would be. The green twiggy wild grape seeds pop like twigs in your teeth.


It is a dark, dark red. It tastes of sour grapes and clove. I think I will call this the Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down Great Grape Jam.


~ by lhdwriter on September 2, 2013.

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