Les tomates sont dégueulasse, elle a appris à dire, mais elle aime la pizza, elle a appris à dire.


It’s August. There are beautiful tomatoes everywhere. If you have a cast-iron skillet, heat it up with a dollop of oil in it. Smush tomatoes into the pan with a wooden spoon. If they don’t smush easily, fork them one by one and slice them into slices with a steak knife and then smush. Cover the pan for a minute or two while the smushed tomatoes sizzle into the oil. Throw a tablespoon of cinnamon in. Drizzle with honey. Scoop the honeyed cinnamon hot tomatoes into a bowl and eat with baguette, a spoon, or whatever. This is Matecha M’assala. If you do not have a sweet tooth, swap the honey and cinnamon for fire roasted peppers, cumin and garlic. Smush the garlic into the pan until toasted, before the tomatoes. Add the fire roasted peppers after the tomatoes are saucy, and just get them warm. If you want to make your own fire-roasted peppers, burn the skin of a pepper until black as charcoal and thin as paper in a toaster oven, or by pretending it is a marshmallow on a fork over the fire of your gas burner & rotate it around (be patient). Then put the pepper in a plastic baggie to sweat it. Then slip the black charred skin off. The flesh of the pepper should be soft as fish, soft as salmon. Stewed tomatoes with garlic, cumin and fire-roasted peppers. That is ChakChüka, more or less. It seems that tomatoes predict the fall in temperatures and bring sunshine into a hot pot. Good night, sweet August.

~ by lhdwriter on August 29, 2013.

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