How to Live to 112

Photo: Musing by Moonlight

When I was 12, I decided it would be a round century before I was ready to die. So I have decided to die at 112. For many years I have thought up a plan, and these are the instructions that I believe will work. This blog post will instruct one on how to live to 112.

Rule #1:
You may build walls to protect you, but likely better to make them out of glass bottles so the sun may see in, and you, out.

Rule #2:
You may retreat from society and live in a cave, but likely better to make it beautiful while you are there.

Rule #2a:
I recommend stained glass.

Photo of Michael Khan’s Eliphante: NYT

Rule #2b:
I also recommend candles.

Photo: Laleh Kandovan

Rule #3:
You may write, but do not confuse writing with life. Words are just pieces of speech without breath, and belong in the wake of a life, not in place of life itself.

Photo: Wafaa Bilal,The Human Condition

Rule #4:
You may sail forever if pirating pleases you, but know that flotsam and jetsam eventually make anyone faint and thirsty.

Photo: Swimming Cities of Serenissima

Rule #5:
Know that it is better to stay on the beach to do what you will do, and simply have a view of water from land. Keep water nearby in case you need to travel.

Photo: Lloyd Khan

Rule #6:
If you love, and that ends, I suggest you love again, as prescribed in the song, “Love and Love Again” by DanceAlisaDance

Rule #7:
You may fight the good fight, but know that you will protect your voice if you fight quietly, and if you do it, you may as well do it in French.

Photo of Helene Cixous by Solange Ferre

Rule #8:
No man is an island, but men know how to build them.

Photo of Reishee Sowa’s Spiral Island by BioForest Blog

Rule #8a:
And women are quite at good living on them. So, if you can avoid behaving like an island, it is reasonable to live on one.

Rule #9:
Consider Bee-Keeping.

Photo: Telegraph UK

Photo: Phillip’s Garden Blog

Rule #10:
Last of all, if you decide to stay, have a theme song. Like “Here We Stay” by Bachir Attar. That way, when you become forgetful and think you must die before 112, you may remind yourself to stay.

Laura Hartmark is a writer and has a few more years to go until she reaches 112.

~ by lhdwriter on December 20, 2010.

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