My name is Laura Hartmark. I write. I am a writer. This is my blog. You are a reader. And you are reading this. I’m glad we are on the same page.

Photo: Schenectady Gazette

WHAT IS HERE? There are over 100 posts here. If you remember that I wrote something about the lure of a washing machine spinning, living to the age of 112 or the letter W, you can search my mad ramblings via Google. Or check out the most LIKED or most VISITED posts by clicking on the photos in the right menu —-> You can also click the main categories in the header: Illogics, Deconstructing Otherness, and Naughty Cuisine. I personally like Illogics, but you can do what you want, Dear Reader.

If you are feeling brave, you may navigate using The RATHER ROWDY UNINDEX. It doesn’t work, or lead anywhere, but the waves are thrilling.

Jump in right here:

When you are reading here, you must take your time. You must decide for yourself if you want to listen to music while reading. I provide music via videos. Often, I recommend playing all videos at once. But my mind delights in parsing sounds. I do not assume that my mind is like your mind. But if you play a video and then read the words, or read the words and then play a video, this is the best way to hear echoes. Because of the repetitive nature of the human heartbeat, it is my opinion that echoes satisfy the human soul. But you, Dear Reader, may do as you please.

How else can you contact me? Oh, I don’t know….but


Find me places like:
The Boston Review,
Abdul Ali’s Words Matter,
Open Letter on Race,
The Basin Blog,
The Tidal Basin Review
Black Earth Institute
…and so on.

I like your comments, I really do. I also like messages. I am a reader of menus and streetsigns and sometimes books. But mostly, I am a reader of messages. Messages, pennies, talismans and gumballs delight me.

11 Responses to “About”


  2. Hey Laura, how are you? I check out your blog every once and a while, I love it. We went to HS together at Guilderland (I think I told you that before) if this the Laura Hartmark I think it is…I hope all is well with you, and maybe we could catch up one day!

  3. loved the white guys!

  4. I see we are using the same “theme”…
    Always wondered why it is so narrow?


    • It cracks me up that the Harvard philosopher is stuck on the width of the template. Of course. I dig the narrowness. And the grayness. It challenges me to be neither. 🙂

  5. “Game” reports that it is password protected so I am unable to read it (I had subscribed for notifications of new posts). Not sure if this lockout is by design or accident. In any case, I hope you are well. I enjoy your writing so I hope you create another publicly accessible entry soon.

  6. Maximum wage–what a brilliant idea. But not for writers.

  7. Laura, I found your grandfathers book [Psychodynamics of Alcoholism] in a church library in Saint Paul, MN and would love to know more about the man. I’ve read both of your posts and would like to find the Door of Hope. The address for the Citizens Commission on Alcoholism, Inc. is located in close to Washington Square in Minneapolis and this once was the heart of “Skid Row”
    I’ve been in the recovery game for 18 years and this has been a great read.


  8. Laura, I am your loyal and faithful reader and I just want to say that you are magnificent. I was just talking about your blog to a friend who is an artist, and i sent her your link. Oh, also, as the gentleman above said, I would like to know more about alcoholism.

  9. 😉 ❤

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